Daily Direction
Relevant Insights from the Bible
a month ago

Finding the Right Person For the Job

It's extremely difficult to find the right person for the job

a month ago

Rich People Often Cheat Poor People

It's depressing when rich people cheat poor people

a month ago

Who are the most influential people in history?

Historians differ on who are the most influential people in world history

a month ago

What is the purpose of labor unions?

Labor unions fight for better wages and working conditions

a month ago

The Blessings of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence Promises Significant Benefits

a month ago

Who receives the most donations?

A breakdown of the organizations that receive the most donations

a month ago

A Really Impactful Gift

This gift was far greater than it's monetary value

a month ago

Why do people give to causes?

Here are the six reasons people give to causes

a month ago

Hot like the Earth's Core

The core of our earth is extremely hot

2 months ago

What Do You Give Someone Who Already Has Everything?

What can you give someone who has it all?